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What Signup process do you use?

It's probably the wrong place to ask this question because I seem to be the only one using this forum lately and Deano is the only one answering my questions.


However, I'll give it a go!


Do you use the "signup and you're in" version, or do you use email confirmation where the new member gets an email with a code they must use to log in for the first time? Most sites use the latter method, but I find that most people signing up on my site don't proceed.


The site is quite small, but 50% of the people signing up continue to remain as unconfirmed members.


I go through each of the unconfirmed members regularly and most look very genuine. There's the odd person we could do without, but I don't see much in the way of bot activity.


I'm inclined to think the site's emails aren't getting through to the person's inbox and I'm beginning to think most people out there NEVER look in their spam folder.  I've asked a few friends if they look and most say "What's the Spam folder?"


Your comments and thoughts please. What method do you use?