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Version Upgrades

I will look into that when i start working on the upgrades.

I am curious as to how version upgrades will be handled?  The old Dolphin upgrades had some shortcomings.  For one thing, is there a way to separate out module upgrades from the main site upgrades?  Modules often did not have any changes except to the version number during a Dolphin upgrade.  On a heavily modified site that often meant the tedious task of checking each module in the upgrade to see if any had any code changes.  Since privacy was a big factor in the site I maintained, cross-members block (a free module from the Boonex market) was important to be added to any module that displayed member's content; this required a code edit to most of the Dolphin modules such as videos, sounds, files, photos, and so on.  It was important to check each module to make sure those were not removed.  If there had been some way of separating out module upgrades from the main site then it would have saved a lot of time and prevented breaking those cross-member blocks.