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Uploading Avatar pics

This is interesting because I notice Irfanview is also having a bit of trouble with photo rotation lately. Irfanview has always been excellent, but in recent weeks, when I edit an old photo and save it, Irfanview is saving it in its original sideways or upside down format. I've also noticed on a couple of Facebook groups I'm on that a few sideways photos are appearing. If it wasn't for my problem with older photos, I would have suggested that recent phone software upgrades may be the problem.

Yes, mobiles are hit and miss on photo orientation.  I have turned my phone sideways to take an image and then still have it appeared vertical.  It has to do with the software in the phone.  You won't get this with a regular digital camera; they are always correct orientation.  The solution would be to have some way to rotate the image in Cheetah when creating the avatar to compensate for crazy mobile phones.

It's probably a bug in determining orientation of the image from the Exif data in the image. I will have to look into it. I am guessing Dolphin would do the same with the same images.

I have the latest version of Cheetah installed 1.1.0, i attempted to upload multiple Avatar profile pictured and noticed that some pictures were uploaded side ways and others proper. On my mobile they were take normal and are viewed upright. These pictures were transferred from mobile to laptop, then uploaded from my laptop to site. All pics were positioned correct before the uploading to the my site, but again some pictures uploaded fine and some uploaded side ways.