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Don't worry about it too much Deano.  I can always just install the beta and then add content for testing.  I think we need to test betas more thoroughly than what was done with Dolphin.  Boonex often would release a beta and then a week or two later release the full upgrade that hadn't been tested properly.  People are busy and testing takes time.

I might be able to do the betas as upgrades. I will have to play around with the SQL in the upgrade scripts to get it to ignore inserts that already exist which i believe is the only thing that may cause a issue when a final upgrade is run.

I plan on an upgrade from one final to another, but not for the betas. The reason is the upgrades would have to be applied in succession, so if i provided them for the betas, everyone would have to upgrade to the betas first before the final.

At some point i will deal with that as well. If i can find a easy way to skip version upgrades.

Will there be a way to upgrade an existing site to new releases?  You mentioned that there will be a beta release of Cheetah and to test I would like to clone the existing site and then upgrade it so that I will have existing content.