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Transferring a Working Site

Also note that mysql does not always return results in order of the ID. When no order by clause is passed in the mysql query, mysql will return results based on the order in it's internal index which normally is the same as the auto incremented id field, but not always.

Sometimes that index ends up out of wack for various reasons. You can resync it with the id field by using the query UPDATE TABLE `sys_albums` ORDER BY `id`

There is also a way to do it in the operations tab in phpMyAdmin.

The answer to your last question is no. I probably screwed it up when I added Friends only as a global option. You've given me enough to work on and I'll do a test in the morning. Thanks.

I believe those are retrieved by order of mysqls internal index which normally is the same as the order by the id in the sys_albums table.

Do you have them in the order you want by the id?

I've struck an annoying problem which hopefully has a simple answer. 

Cheetah's photo upload form shows the following selection which is perfect:

xxxx's photos
xxxx's cover photos
Create New Album.

I've gone through all the albums on my site and changed them to match that format. The only difference being all members have a Friends Only album. This was done with the assistance of Alex T and Leonid.

When I upload the database, it changes the format of the Cheetah upload form to:

xxxx's cover photos
Friends Only     ----------------   Only for existing members because my change was hard coded.
Other  member  created album(s)
xxxx's photos
Create New Album

Where do I look, and what field(s) in what table do I change in the database to bring things back into the correct order?

xxxx's photos
xxxx's cover photos
Friends Only
Other member created album(s)
Create New Album.



clicking Profiles brings up the "Something went wrong" error.

This error message needs to be changed.  Boonex changed the old database error message to this one.  When I first saw it, I didn't know it was a Dolphin error message and I wasted a lot of time.  The end user can refresh the page all day long and it won't load because there is a database error.  If you look in your logs; or email if you are sending bug reports to an email address, you will find the database error message that will tell the error.

If it is sending a bug report on the database error, then the message to the end user should be something along the lines of; "An error has occurred while loading the page and the site administrator has been notified."  Something like that.  Boonex may have had some good coders but they didn't know a lot about design.

I would recommend the following procedure.

  • Install a fresh copy of Cheetah.
  • Install all packaged modules in Cheetah that you have in your Dolphin site.
  • Convert any 3'rd party modules you have in your Dolphin site to Cheetah and install them. (Verify they are working)
  • Copy all data the modules use from Dolphin to Cheetah. Thats files, photos, avatars, media such sounds and videos, ect.
  • Remove current Cheetah database and import the converted Dolphin database.
  • Then clear the cache, cache_public and tmp folders.

The database should be the last thing that is done because you want to be able to verify the modules work first. Otherwise you may have a really hard time finding the source of any problems. You can't assume all of the modules will convert properly, thus they should be installed and verified working first.

Just my two cents on what would be the best procedure.

Also note: Other than a few changes i made, such as the photo upload album selection that you noticed, this beta version should be just as stable as Dolphin 7.4.2. Once this site is fully operational i will be doing more work in Cheetah. Plans are to release the first final version by end of June.

Hi John, i can say one thing, having a dolphin site and transferring it over to Cheetah must be a hell of a lot easier then transferring it over to a una platflrm. Not degrading una, by no means, but many over at una have complained a lot of issues they have had or have while attempting to transfer. I have both, a Cheetah and una. Goodluck with your transfer!

I'm not much use as a beta tester because I find  it difficult to concentrate, plus I like difficult challenges to keep my ageing brain alert. As such, I've decided to approach Cheetah in a different way, but the same way a lot of people out there will want to do. 

I've decided to move a working Dolphin site with dozens of third party modules and hundreds of core changes over to Cheetah and report on the problems I experience in doing so. I realise Cheetah is still in Beta, but some of the issues I experience may well lead the way to more people choosing Cheetah as their script of choice.

The purpose of this thread is to encourage our members to offer advice, suggestions or warnings. By all accounts, the Module Conversion Script is working fine and I've already used it to successfully convert several modules and a 650 table database. In just a few hours I've had the front end almost working, but the Administration section refuses to open as I speak. I'm putting the latter down to the fact that I still have to add over 30 third party modules, but most of the front end works except for profiles being inaccessible and Members thumbnails not showing. other than that, the Photos section seems to be working okay, but there are a few mysterious things I do need to sort out.

I fully understand that I may be wasting my time, because "Beta" does mean "still being tested". Even so, why not start now and be ready for the influx of questions when more people start making the switch.

This is a brief summary of the procedure I'm adopting and it may be all that's needed. My issues with photos is probably due to my previous mods to the photos section and my failure to understand the logic.

  • Created a new Cheetah site and only installed the packaged modules I'm using on my original site. 
  • Moved all photos, videos, files etc., from the original site to their respective homes in Flash, Photos, etc.
  • Changed the template temporarily on my original site to Evo (Important).
  • Copied my original database and converted it in Cheetah's developer Tools. I placed it into a zip fie to do this.
  • Deleted the Cheetah database and replaced it with the converted original. 
  • Ran Cheetah for the first time. The front end opened with all photos in the Timeline. I can access photos via the timeline or "Photos" in the menu, but haven't tried uploading yet.
  • Member's thumbs are blank (no broken link, just the alphabetical character.) clicking Profiles brings up the "Something went wrong" error.
  • Admin doesn't work yet but I don't expect it to at this stage because I haven't added any third-party modules yet. I'm doing that now. I won't be installing them, just adding them to the Modules directory.

Okay, that's a start, it's not meant to be a tutorial, but a basis for discussion. All suggestions welcome.

Regarding the Photos: In case nobody has noticed, Deano must be congratulated for doing a fantastic job with the photos upload module which will stop people from creating a new album every time they upload a new photo. I pleaded with Boonex to make these changes, but they weren't interested. As such, I made these changes myself with the help of the Boonex moderators, but it involved some database changes which I believe are the reason I'm experiencing problems now. If you haven't fiddled with the Photos module or the database, upgrading to Cheetah should be relatively painless.