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Timelines are different

One correction. The Friends Timeline on the Account page doesn't have any provision for friends to post to it. It's purely "Read Only".

In this thread I reported that the Timelines were different on the Home Page and Profile Page. In a previous post I also reported that the Profile Page filters, which are missing on the Home Page Timeline, don't work properly.

Since then, I came across a post on the Boonex Github discussion group which paints an entirely different picture:

  1. The Home Page Timeline is "Public", thus no filters. It lists anything  posted on the site except Friends Only stuff . If it's a shared Public/Membership site, it's up to the Admins and members to ensure that stuff is marked Members Only when they make a post in a module. As the "Post to Timeline" block doesn't have this feature, stuff can be viewed by the public unless filters are set by Admin or by the member on various pages throughout the site during setup.

  2. The Profile Timeline is really simple provided you can find the 200 page manual that goes with it! This isn't for the faint hearted:

    When you post to your own Profile Timeline, only members who visit your profile will see the post. It doesn't appear on the Home Page Timeline.

    When you go to another member's profile, you will see posts from people including the profile owner, posted there. If you post there as well, it will also appear on your Profile Timeline under Your Posts (?) Other filters will let you sort other posts from other people provided you have six months to sort it out.

  3. The Account Timeline allows you to read and make posts to your friends timelines.

Boonex would have made more money flogging Dolphin as an Adult Puzzle Game. After three hours, I still don't have a clue what's happening.

The simple solution could be the concept used on a popular adult site:

The single feed shows posts from general members including friends.

If you comment, it's either a general comment, or to your friend. That comment can also be seen by other friends of your friend.

They have filters to show:
- Posts with pictures or Videos Only
- Posts from friends only
- and 100 other items, most of which wouldn't matter.

None are that important.


If we listen to Facebook, the Timeline or Activity Feed is the backbone of Facebook. It's what you see when you visit. It's where you dump absolutely everything unless you're one of the few members who can figure out how to manually use the galleries.

At the moment, it's a relatively uneventful part of the Dolphin/Cheetah script. Getting members to find timelines on different pages isn't a good idea.

I found a post on Github where the Boonex team discussed this. AB argued that the account page was the main landing page. His team argued that it was senseless having the friends timeline on the account page because some sites don't encourage friends or have a lot of people befriending each other. Thus the timeline could be empty. I think the friends Timeline was moved to the profile page and the  main timeline with filters was moved to the Account page.

This is once again the case of AB dictating how the site should be used. I asked someone to combine the timelines so that "All", "Friends" and "Mine"  were all available under the same filter, but it was still on the profile page and only the Friends filter worked properly.

All Posts and Posts By . . . only pick up a few posts by the member.

Posts by Others is blank.

This is a grab from my cheetah site after installing the mods



Thats ok. I had to reinstall anyway. I need to reference it from time to time.

It appears to have been designed that way by boonex. I believe the thinking was considering it's on the home page, it should show all posts.

In any case, i don't believe it is working properly as you pointed out.

I'll have to work on it.

I have the current version of dolphin running.  I'll send you the login details.


Unknown. I will have to research it. I will also have to check to see if it's like that in the last version of dolphin as well which i will have to reinstall. My last version dolphin test site is currently not functioning.

The Timeline on the Profile Page has the ability to filter posts although I think it's been previously noted that it doesn't work properly.

I've just noticed that the filter is missing from the homepage Timeline. Is it meant to be like this or is it a bug?

I've just placed the timeline on the home page and I'd like to have access to the filter.