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Timeline as a separate menu or Sub-menu item?

This subject has been raised before both here and on the Boonex site. I recently posted a series of questions about my confusion, but as I continue to manipulate my site, the Boonex logic is slowly making a bit of sense. By that, I mean I'm now confused, not totally confused!

I discovered that the member's (owner's) timeline which can be linked to their profile, also has its own menu block, but the main (site-wide) timeline which can be linked to the Home Page and the "friends" timeline which can be linked to the Account page don't. I'm wondering why one timeline has its own menu block and the others don't.

This is the Member's (owner') timeline block:

The URL for this block is:   modules/?r=wall/

When implemented,  it allows me to create a menu item that shows the person's timeline on what looks like a separate page. (That's neat!)

There is also a block for Timeline Viewer:

The URL for this block is:  modules/?r=wall/index/{profileUsername} which is used when viewing the timeline on another user's profile.

Is there some way I can change this URL in a new menu block to create a Site Timeline page or link, similar to the Owner's timeline above?

Ditto for Friend's Timeline, but that's not so important.