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Third Party Modules


Conditional Fields - AQB (Very expensive. Ask for a better price of say $30 or less)
Profile Tabs - Expertzkris (Overpriced and a bit difficult to set up) Hopefully something similar will be incorporated in Cheetah.)
Profile Photos Carousel - AQB
Profile Notes - AQB
Personal Bookmarks - AQB
Advanced Groups - Modzzz
Group Cover - Modzzz
Who Viewed Me - Modzzz
Ultimate Blogs - Modzzz (Not fully tested but seems to work fine)
Blog Cover - Modzzz
Stories - Modzzz (As above)
Premium Events  - Modzzz (As above)
Event Cover - Modzzz
Clubs - Modzzz (Haven't checked payments side )

Not Working Properly

Searchable Profile Fields - AQB (This is a hack. The concept is used in  Elgg, Wordpress etc. I hope Cheetah will also incorporate it.)

I will report that the Evo Wall modules will not work, they won't work with Dolphin 7.4.2 either.  Don't waste your time because the modules were not written to use the built in functions and are coded with the old php mysql functions which are now deprecated; Dolphin switched to PDO and the developer abandoned the modules .  I wasted days trying to rework the modules for someone and there were still all kinds of errors.  I am not the only one that has tried to convert the Evo Wall modules, an experienced Dolphin developer tried to convert them to work on a Dolphin site (they contacted me on it and I relayed my experience with the modules) and they had issues they couldn't get around.  Just too many scripts in those modules; very time consuming, and I don't think they are worth the expense you will pay to hire a developer.

This forum is for people that have converted third party modules over to Cheetah to list the module and if it works on Cheetah or does not work.