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Text Block in backend

There are a lot of things that will need to be cleaned up that Boonex just got wrong.  One of them is the so called "text block" in the page builders.  It caused a lot of confusion, including for me, because it isn't a text block, it is a code block.  A text block would be a block that everything you place in it is rendered as text, even if you enter code.  I tried without success to explain this to Boonex.  I helped a lot of people that were confused over the "text block."  The idea was that the html editor caused issues when you were trying to do a pure code block.  It would not remember the off state and so when you opened the block for editing TinyMCE would clean up the code destroying the code.  Boonex solution was a block that would not open the TinyMCE editor; that part was OK but it should have been labelled something a lot better than text block when it was a block for entering code.  It could just be called a Code block or something that is better than calling it a text block.