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Templates Creation

Ya John, that's not the one I purchased. I purchased this one:

The other is a different but same. (Responsive and has no splash page) I tried to purchase this one you are speaking of, but the PayPal account is closed. So no purchase avenue is available. It never lets you complete checkout...

You shouldn't have to pay for it. The promo on the Boonex Market site states that you're entitled to all minor releases which "should" mean that you can download version 1.0.1 which was updated in 2018.  Provided your version is 1.0.0 you should be okay. If not, still try.

Use this link to go to the page:

My last link didn't work because I put a full-stop at the end. Make sure you're logged in with the name and password you used when you purchased the original and click the link I've marked in red. That should allow you to download the latest version.

If you get a message stating that you can't download it, you're using the wrong credentials.

Ha so I tried to get the more updated one, to no avail. The PayPal account is closed or does not work. No answer back from dev either. So Stuck with current purchased one that currently won't work, lol.

I did manage to download it and it's full of PHP. It will probably run okay on my old server if you can download the latest version so it's worth a try.  The CSS seems to contain enough information to get Evolution to look similar, but it won't have all the bells and whistles. let me  know if you can get the most recent version and you'll have to PM me the login code or password. Don't post it here.

I'm currently working with lousy internet access at present so I can't download the zip. I'll do so when I get home. I went to the Boonex Market and noticed that the last version was for Dolphin 7.3.  As it was a minor release, you should be entitled to upgrade to that version. If you log on to Dolphin and access the market, you can click the download button under the pic on the left. That should download the latest version.

Templates have very little PHP code if any and the 7.3 version of HTML and CSS should be compatible with 7.4.2 and therefore transferable to Cheetah. The only catch being any encrypted password access code. You can only try.

This is the Template I purchased a while back (blackisblack with Splash page). The last known Compatibility version was 7.1.6 of Dolphin, and last updated 21.10.14. See attachment for file.

Pack-blackisblack.zip2.9M5 downloads

Can you post a screen shot or the template? It's not easy to redesign a template unless you have a good knowledge of Dolphin. Those people are few and far between, thus I recommend you stick with Evolution for the time being and modify the colours. 

Just a suggestion.

So I am inquiring on finding someone who is skilled in template design. I do have template screenshots from my old Dolphin site, that could be a guide in the process. Or I do have the old Scripting I purchased. It currently is not compatible with latest Dolphin or Cheetah for that matter. I'm looking for someone that can bring it up to compatibility or recreating from ground up. The Developer can not be found these days, so I am in search of someone who can step in to do this for me?