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Hopefully some of the old developers will be coming to Cheetah.  Modzzz had a mentions and hashtag module where you could use hashtags and mentions using the @ symbol that would notify members if they had been mentioned in an article or comment.  I don't see everything needing to be built into the code base.  What is needed is better hooks in the code base so that code modification for third party modules can be held at a minimum.  I am not sure at this time what exactly but that should be the direction in my opinion.


There is not yet. At this time Cheetah is exactly the same as dolphin. For the most part right now i am working mostly on any problems i created when i changed things during the renaming process and making sure nothing links back to boonex.

Tagging is a feature i can consider adding at a later time. So it's been noted.

Deano, is there or will you be adding some form of tag function to Cheetah?