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Hello guys, i keep coming here and freaking looks awesome Deanno!!!!! Tim what up bro? As for spammers, what i did back then was made it difficult for them to join and once they joined they could not make any post...nada...ziltch, until i approved the account. Made things a lot easier. laughing

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Oh, Yes, i know who they are.

i have already deleted the spam accounts.

What i actually meant is the site now seems to have the attention of the spammers. So i will need to deal with that. I can't exactly spend hours per day deleting spam accounts. For now i have activated one spam DNS Blocklist and Enabled Stop Forum spam, however i don't like using them as i don't fully trust them not to block legitimate ip addresses. I have seen these tools block legitimate users before.

Prior to starting cheetah, i was working on other ways of detecting spammers while minimizing false positives. So i am basically saying i will need to get back to those ideas at some point.

I’m not sure about the others but Will and Geek are my friends from dolphin and UNA.

I am guessing someone may have added a link to this site somewhere. The number of spammers signing up on this site over the last couple of days has increased. I expected that was going to happen sooner or later.

So i will need to deal with that issue as well at some point.