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Sites Module

Eye is getting better. Vision has improved alot and colors and everything is brighter.

The eye is however still very sensitive to light which makes working on my computer a bit difficult without turning down the monitors brightness.

As for the sites module, i am aware of it and is already on my to-do list.

Speaking of site, how are your eyes shaping up after the surgery Deano? I hope things are on the improve and the world of colour has returned.

There's a post on the other forum saying that the Sites module doesn't work any more because a service provider has shut down.

The organisation is and I'd imagine its closure also affects the Sites module on Cheetah.

I wonder if anyone actually uses the module and if anyone would care if it was removed from Cheetah? I tried using it once and couldn't figure out what it was trying to achieve. It seems to automatically supply a thumbnail when you enter a link, but a list of URL's probably does the same thing just as well.