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Site moving to a new server.

For what it's worth, I use DigitalOcean. It's about $11 a month, but you may need a larger package. I've been with them for years and I've never experienced a single problem.


I contacted my datacentre on the CentOS change, asking them if they would provide an image of Rocky Linux.  Their answer was that there are no plans currently to provide Rocky Linux.  I have always used CentOS because it was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux meaning that only hardened libraries were used; after all, I was running a server, not a desktop.  I could look at renting rack space in a datacentre and providing my own hardware.  That way, I could install Rocky on the server and then rent the rack space; and thus rent the high speed backbone which is the real benefit to renting a server in a datacentre.  I once looked at getting a high speed line installed but the cost was too high at the time.

At this time, I haven't made any decisions.  On my desktop I run Mint, which is based on Ubuntu.  I am familiar with the command differences so there won't be any learning curve for me to run Ubuntu on the server.  In fact, I ran Ubuntu on a server while I was testing Zulip as the only way to use Zulip is on Ubuntu or use Snaps or Docker.  The problem with Snaps and Docker is it is a box with no door; makes it hard to do any custom code changes.

Just to give people a heads up. I obtained a new server to host this and my other sites on. And as soon as i release the final i will get started on that.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

1) The current server is running CentOS and that OS is changing it's business model. I have decided i am no longer going to continue to use it because i am concerned about the future stability of the OS. So the new server is running Ubuntu.

2) The old server is a AMD processor and has 1 hard drive in it that has been reporting sector errors. I could just have it replaced, but considering the server is a low end AMD i decided i should upgrade. The new server is a Intel Zeon server with twice the processing power of my old AMD and twice the memory.

I have started the migration of my development sites over to the new server and this main site i will begin moving about a week after i release the final.

I will let everyone know a couple of days before i start so you can be aware of possible downtime.