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Site Localisation

Is there an easy way for Cheetah to be localised?

It would surprise me if many Cheetah admins actually ran international sites.  In my case, the site is restricted to Australia only.

Localising profiles is easy enough, simply by removing the Country Field and creating a list of states or provinces. 

Modzzz created a localisation module for the packaged Dolphin modules, but he wanted extra money to localise his own modules. Something I considered to be very strange.

Most of Modzzz Modules come with a SQL dump called SQLStates. It adds about 2,000 records to the database, which is overkill for the USA with 50 states and Australia with 7.  I removed everything except my country in the predefined fields and all but 7 states from SQLStates.php, but I still have to enter the Country for the States to appear.

It's so unprofessional to have to add the Country name in a localised site.