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I found a clean install and the eyes are there. I have no idea why they disappeared from my site. I rarely, if ever visit the Java section.

Sorry about that.

Well golly, gosh!

I  accidentally pasted some long text into the password in the login form and the EYE appeared. It seems it was always there but it was the same colour as the background of the form. I changed the colour in the jquery and all is well. I don't have a copy of Evolution light on a clean install, so I can't check it. However it may be possible that the problem is in the download file and not some formatting I did to hide it.

I say this because I did mention earlier that I did a clean install and the eye wasn't in the Login form.

I've installed a copy of 1.2.0 and it does have the "eye" on the join form.

What files should I copy across and is the database affected?


It definitely says 1.3.0 on the dashboard, but no option for actual characters in join or Login but I just noticed it's in Edit.

Hmmm. I will have to look into that as it should already be there.


I'm running version 1.3.0 beta and people can only enter blind passwords using ******. I notice on this site that you have the option to show actual characters. Will that excellent feature eventually find its way to version 1.3.0?