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Selecting Design Boxes

I will be building the designbox selection into Cheetahs page builders.

The other feature of copying blocks, i actually want to make more of the blocks available for use in other pages from within the page builders as well.

Boonex added the ability to choose design boxes but they did it with some funky names instead of the designbox numbers.  Deano had a block tool that allowed one to also set the design box but you could put in the number of the box.  There is no easy way to edit the Boonex list.  I created a lot of design boxes when I was building my Dolphin site and Deano's tool made it easy for me to select the design box I wanted to use when adding a block.  We need to look at selecting design boxes; it would be nice if the Boonex select thing also allowed me to just put in the design box number; which is how design boxes work in the background; they don't have names, they have numbers.  Hopefully the Block Tools module will make an appearance either incorporated or sold in the market.  It did come in handy for me.