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Script reading a false URL

I do both regularly. I do the browser cache after every change.  It's the same on Chrome Firefox and Vivaldi. I even rebooted the server.

As it's a complex issue I'm sleeping on it. I'm hoping that the members will retain their settings and not notice any problems. 

I can change templates, but the sequence is mind boggling.

Only thing i can suggest here is to clear the browser cookies and cache.

It's actually worse. I can't even make a template default in Admin. Something has collapsed. I just reinstalled Evolution, but get a 500 error when I try to select it.

This seems to be quite new since the browsers all updated themselves in the past week.

The browser is reading a previously used URL:

I have two templates: 

I use the older style Boonex profile field presentation for PC's because I think it looks better. This is the PC Template.

I use the Cheetah template for phones because it looks better on the phone. This is the phone template.

Members are encouraged to choose a template before logging in for the first time by clicking a link which sets the template for them.

Once they choose the template and log in, their online experience is enhanced. Everything has worked fine until a couple of days ago.

When they now click the link, the template is set, but the link now appears in the address bar:

When they click log on, the script tries to take them to the above link instead of the login link, resulting in a 500 error.

Any comment?