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SQL Query to change membership level

No clue what was on their mind.

I wonder what the thinking was behind how membership levels are handled when this was first coded?  Why not add every member to the sys_acl_levels_member table assigning them the membership level set up for when they join, promotional, standard, etc.  Why this if they are not in the table, they are standard, then they get added to the table when they purchase a membership and when that membership level expires, they are still in the table but set to standard.  Why not just add every member to the table at the start?

I could not do it in a single query. I was going to write a script to do it.

I got it done but in steps.

Can this be done in a single query? 

I need to change the membership levels for all members that are not in the sys_acl_level_members; adding them to the table with membership level 10 with no expiration.  What would be the sql query to run for this?