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Removing "Send copy to personal email".

You're right. I just tried it myself. I wrote to Deano yesterday and asked him to change the Answers categories because they weren't really applicable to this site. He made some changes and then reported that he had to stop because of other commitments. He plans to finish the job tomorrow.

The Answers Module allows for categories and sub-categories as per Yahoo Answers, but I think we only need one level, a category for each main page of the Dolphin Site.

I'm sure Deano will fix it as soon as he can,so let's leave it until he does. I'll then post a question and answer to show everyone how the module is expected to work.

I tried to use "Answers" but it requires one to choose *Categories. And there is no way to choose or input one. So, unless I am missing something, it is not possible to post a question there.


That brings up that it should be possible throughout  the site, to make almost any category not required. It seems that some are required if they are there, so the workaround is top remove it instead of having it as an option.

Sorry, I forgot to mention:  Most of the problems or things you would like to see added have probably been discussed and solved in the Dolphin forums over the years. I have a goodly collection of Work-Arounds, Deano is excellent at it and Geek_Girl has been there and done that. Just ask, preferably in the Answers section (my preference) and you'll be amazed at what may come up

Hi Steve, 

I didn't notice where you posted your question, but I agree with Deano on one of his points. The developers forum is basically there so that people who find bugs can let Deano know.

Suggestions is a place where you can suggest that something be added or removed from the script, but please keep in mind that the Primary focus on Cheetah at the moment is to remove unnecessary code (Flash etc) and fix known bugs in the Dolphin script.

Personally, I'd like to see the kind of questions you're asking placed in the "Answers" Module because they'll eventually get lost in the forum and future users may have problems finding them.

Not so with Answers. Another nice feature with Answers is that the person asking the question can vote on the best answer. 

Maybe we can kick Answers off if you ask your question about Social network Links again and I'll respond. That way others can see how Answers actually works.

Now my ten cents worth about your question here.

I would not remove that link. In my opinion it's one of the best things about Cheetah's mail form. I use the link every time I send a message because the member also receives an email as well. Some members only visit a site once a week, or only when they're jolted into doing so. On one of my sites, some members have dozens of unanswered messages either because they rarely visit the site, or they don't see the Red Blob next to their Mail Icon.

Members who send messages that are unanswered become frustrated. They can easily develop a bad feeling about the site and eventually stop using it.

By allowing members to send a message to the person's email as well, there's a reasonable chance they'll go to the site and respond to the message.

The person sending the message never sees any email addresses and I ask my members not to publish their emails publicly.

The message system does have a timer of one or two minutes to stop people flooding the mail box. You may wish to increase the time.  Deano would need to help you on this one I think.

It seems that members can currently post a maximum of 10 messages every 24 hours. You can experiment with this.

admin/settings/membeship levels/System Levels/Standard/Actions/Send Messages (Double Click the link)

On my sites I've left it at 10 and nobody has abused it.


Thank you. I thought these were requests, but it seems you already have work-arouinds for them. Which I think is awesome. So my request is that these become standard in some future update.

Thanks again, I'll try to stick to the right forum for my questions.

You can edit the templates and remove the options you don't want.



templates\base\mail_box_replay_message.html (yes, i do know it's not properly spelled. That's the original dolphin name. I will correct it in a future version of cheetah)


Option lines look like this at the bottom of the html template file.

<label><input type="checkbox" id="to_mail"/>__send_copy_to__</label><br />


Also, please us the support forum for your support questions. These developer forums are intended for me and module developers to communicate. I will move all of these posts when i have the time and lock down the developer forums to developers only.  

How do I remove this?

Send copy to my personal email
Send copy to [profile] personal email
Notify [profile] by e-mail

Again the whole point for me is to have a separate community, not just another interface to link to the big boys. This also seems like a security issue, a spam issue, or a bullying potential. If someone wants to post their email, then that's fine. But here they don't get the option and a random person can send them email to their personal account.  Thoughts?

- Steve