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Relocate ffmpeg

Yes. Already planned. It will be done as i phase out the flash plugins replacing many of them with html5 equivalents. Boonex has done part of it with the html5 audio/video module. I will be making some minor improvements to that. And then later new video and sound modules will be designed with a much more user friendly interface and album designs and html5 video and audio stuff will become part of the new modules which will allow me to dump those 2 flash plugins.

The whole process will take quite a bit of time. I have decided to design replacements for the Audio and Video modules because quite frankly everything is in places where you can't find it. The layout is really bad.

Anyhoo, that will get done eventually.

We need to relocate ffmpeg out from under the flash directory; flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe.  We also need to move the video encoding settings from the flash app in the backend.  As you know, currently you log into the admin, go to flash modules and make settings changes in the video section that write to the xml file that is loaded to the ffmpeg config line that determines certain video encoding parameters.  We could continue to use the xml file but have a separate means to make changes to that xml file.  Or we might want to have these settings stored in the database; whichever is more efficient.