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Radio Buttons

I just placed it in my files folder. I just realised that I'm also using Anton's Conditional Fields, but I somehow don't think it would be doing it. They seem to be working fine.


and your multi-column check box hack

Could you send me a copy of that. I can't seem to find my copy of it.

This could be a minor bug.  Deano please note: I'm using 1.3 (Github) and your multi-column check box hack. The check boxes are working fine.

I have a series of questions using radio buttons. In the edit section, some questions are listed across the page whilst others are listed vertically:

Your Pet

o Dog o Cat o Canary o Horse o Goldfish


o Male o Female o Muted


o Vic
o Qld
o Tas

I can't make them change and I want them consistent. I'd prefer vertically, but double columns would be nice for longer lists.