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Questions and Answers For This Site

In addition to Modzzz Suggestions module, this site now also has Modzzz Answers and Tutorials modules as well which should help. So the Cheetah Docs module i developed will be used specifically for Documenting Cheetah itself. Everything else can be put in these other modules from Modzzz.

@Geek_Girl, I did eventually find your tutorials, but sadly they were on a section of the site the members rarely went to. I'd love to see us avoid those problems here and have everything under the same roof. Once again Modzzz has a Tutorials module that I use quite successfully. Like yourself, I have several tutorials that involve a bit of code changing and they don't really fit into the documentation or FAQ sections here because they're hacks.

Sounds like a good idea.  A lot of the Boonex forum was people seeking help with the script.  Another section that might be handy is a section where people can post tips and hacks they have done.  At Boonex I posted several; one of the biggest was how to add items to the Profile Customiser which involved adding code to the scripts.  Since it involved code changes it couldn't just be a tutorial.  Another was how to build a whitelist of embed sites allowed to embed video; whitelists are better than using blacklists.  Actually, I would like to turn the video whitelist into a module.

I realise that Cheetah will be well documented, but my suggestion has nothing to do with that. I'm referring to the everyday questions that people ask that aren't documented. For example, "I've just set up Cheetah abut the "Cheetah News on the home page doesn't resolve. I just get the rotating circles." This is something that will never be documented, but it's a problem I have right now. The Answers module is perfect for these kinds of questions and if you look at the Boonex forums, there are millions, but the answers are often hard to find.

The same will happen here and it will quickly get messy unless there's a decent way to deal with ad-hock Q&A. @Willmonte'a recent question about changing the page header is a good example.

Here's Modzzz's example page:

The FAQ will be for this site anyway. Cheetah will be documented in the Cheetah Docs section and other sections of this site.

Hi @Travelnotes, great to see you here.  I'm not sure if I read your post correctly, but the Q&A feature I'm talking about isn't really a FAQ. It's a special section on the site where member's frustrations can be answered in a way the Forum can't offer. The Dolphin forum was full of these questions, but the average Joe found it difficult to find answers before they asked and complex questions often attracted dozens of replies, but no real solution.

A person responding to a question in the Answers section may well point to the Documentation or the FAQ, or he/she may wish to offer a solution on the spot.

There is of course a FAQ link in the footer with:

FAQ page under development

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I hope this site doesn't end up like the Dolphin forums where "I need help" questions end up being mixed in with general comments. I believe help questions should have a  module of their own just like the Suggestions module I recommended.

Once again Modzzz has the perfect solution and I'd love to see it implemented here as quickly as possible. It's called Answers  (Click Link)  and it's a clone of Yahoo Answers which I found to be a fantastic resource in the past. Members can ask a question relating to a Cheetah issue and people can then answer. The person asking the question has the ability to vote on what they consider the best answer, or other members can vote if he or she decides not to. This gives future readers the ability to go directly to the best answer rather than trying everything until something eventually works.

What I like about Answers is that Admin can set up a host of categories and sub-categories so that people can easily look in the right place, rather than searching aimlessly  through forum posts. To me, this would be the first step towards creating great documentation, because there's provision for the person answering a question to quote the source.