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Problem with viewing a member's profile

It works and it looks like it's working fine with Anton's Conditional Fields.

It's amazing what we miss. I only noticed it because I was doing a tutorial for my site.

Thanks Deano.

Ok. Try the updated version of templates/base/scripts/ChBaseProfileGenerator.php in the repo.

I see it on one of my test sites also. Apparently that bug has been there a while.

Working on it.

Thanks Deano, but that didn't help.

I just did a clean install from of 1.3.0 from Github (Late last year) and the problem is there as well. I'll mail you the login details.




There are two files that handle when those are shown and to who.




I would suggest getting fresh copies of both of them.

This problem has been self-induced, but I'm not sure where to start.

When a member visits another member's profile, they still see the Change Thumbnail and Change Cover links in the cover.

If they click the links they see their own photos and if they try to change a photo, nothing happens.

Somehow I've managed to introduce the links, but I'm not sure where I would even start to change anything.

Any ideas?