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Problem with Tutorials Module

Sure. PM me an address on where to send it.

However, keep in mind that the copy i have has been modified for Cheetah. It might be easier for me to post the code changes i made here so they can be applied to any version of his mod.

Thanks Deano. As I also have the module, is there any chance you can send me a copy of the file(s) you changed? Absolutely no hurry.

Ok. This has been fixed.

When you create a tutorial and post a file for people to download, the module sets the download to Me Only by default. As this option is further down the page it's easily missed. Geek_Girl bought it to my attention.

The "Me Only" option really needs to be removed because all associated files should be accessible. if this can't be done, can you set the default  to "Members"?

Modzzz, if you read this, I actually consider it a bug.