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Problem with MacBook Air

I'm taking it with a pinch of salt because She's the only person who'd commented on the mechanics of the site.

I have not heard of any problems like that. I also do not have a mac to test with at this time.

A new member using a MacBook Air and the latest version of Chrome has reported a couple of issues I can't replicate on Chrome or Firefox. When responding to this, keep in mind that the site is heavily modified.

1. I have about 20 Menu items, but only 3 are displayed before the "More" hamburger. Thus the vertical "More" list is long. The member claims that the vertical list extends below the bottom of the screen and it won't scroll up. It scrolls up with the page perfectly on all the devices I use. I've asked several times if the page scrolls up and the menu stays rigid, but she doesn't answer.

Would there be some Chrome setting that may cause this?

2. She claims she has to click the action buttons multiple times for them to work. They're instantly responsive on my devices. She claims her Internet spped is 330 mbps and mine is about 10 mbps

Have you heard this problem mentioned before? No other members are complaining, but she's the only one with a Mac.