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Problem With Outine Colours

Problem Solved in a convoluted way.


I moved the entire files rather than the snippets containing the colour I wished to change to:


/modules/wall/templates/tmpl_mytemplate/css with the following file structure:


outline.css (completely moved and deleted from /templates/base/css)

view.css (ditto)


I found that by leaving a copy of the files in the /base/css folder, I was still getting the problems mentioned in my previous post. However, by deleting the files in /base/css, it's necessary to create a folder tmpl_whatever_template for every template you use and include the css. Of course you can now change colours as you wish.


Until Deano finds an easier way, this works.

Thanks Deano.


There's a missing semi-colon on the line "Border". Replacing it made no difference to alignment.


I tried it with Activity Feed view and the same alignment problem however:


Not sure whats causing that. I will have to setup a test site with a outline and play around and see what happens.


I think I've exhausted myself on this one. I can get it to change the colours, but it's also changing the structure of the outline. I guess it's to do with my take on the template override. I tried several permutations, but the only one I could get to work was


@import url(../base/css/outline.css);
div.wall-oi-item-grouped {}
div.wall-oi-item-cnt {
    position: relative;
    background-color: #000000;
    overflow: hidden;
    border-style: solid;
    border-width: 1px
    border-color: #04202b;
    -webkit-border-radius: 4px;

I've put the lot in just I case I need to change something else.

This is the scrambled result:

I also tried putting the entire template into tmpl_mytemplate but that didn't help.

Your thoughts please.

When you create a new template, you gave it a name like tmpl_templatename

You would do the same thing in the modules template folder. Create a template folder in that module called tmpl_templatename and override the css for the color you want to change.

I'm using the Outline on my site.


I wish to create a couple of different templates but part of the Outline background colour can't be changed to reflect the new colour scheme.


In the following example, I can make the red section a different colour in each template, but not the white. The colour I choose for that section will be the same in every template.


The white section is controlled by the Module template, not the core css.



Is there some way I can rectify this?