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Private Albums

This part was truncated from the previous message:

This would suit me because it may encourage people to become members or friends with others.

Another solution may be a faded photo like I mentioned earlier and the header changed from "Private Album" to the privacy setting: "Friends Only, Members Only etc. It looks horrible the way it's currently presented.

I'll look into it again. Not easy. Last time i looked i could not find a easy fix for it do to the way boonex coded everything. It's more difficult than it should be because the album system is not just used for photos. It's used in every module that uses the album system for holding files.

If a member sets an album to Friends Only, other members who aren't friends will see this:


This is a bit disconcerting. Other sites I visit ignore private albums completely and simply present thumbs for the albums that aren't private.

The problem gets worse if a member has several private albums and one or two public ones.

How difficult would it be for Cheetah to ignore these blanks and just show albums the member can view?