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Privacy Setting Prefixes

I believe there's a simple way around it, but I' can't figure out the code structure. On most modules like this, Videos, Files etc., are in collapsible blocks, so I made Privacy Settings a collapsible block and collapsed it. It takes about one minute to make a simple change to the code.

Unfortunately, the Submit Button is included in the Privacy block, so when you collapse the block, the Submit button disappears as well. I tried putting the button outside the block, but I wasn't successful. Surely there must be an easy way of doing this, because I'm sure people will be a lot happier if they don't see all those options which Admin can pre-set.


The privacy system is on my to do list anyway. Privacy settings are lacking in a lot of areas so the entire system needs to be overhauled at some point.

The more I look into it, the more complex it gets. I've come up with a easier way of doing it by pre-setting the privacy settings in Admin/Settings/Privacy Settings and then changing a couple of lines of code to make the Privacy Settings section in each module "collapsed" I also changed the language key to read "Privacy Settings - Please Don't Change".

Hopefully that will stop my members being confused with the privacy questions they don't need to bother themselves with on a day to day basis.

I found the code in a discussion on the boonex forum: 

I applied the code supplied by Alex-T  for the Events Module to the "Places" module supplied by Modzzz and it seems to work. As you can see from Alex's code, he is using 'p' for public.

I'm getting the desired result on the add/edit pages with all privacy settings removed in Modzzz Places, but I want the privacy settings preset to Members or Admin, not public.

I'm not sure that's happening because Modzzz is using different prefixes than Alex-T:

I have yet to look into the  sys_privacy_groups table because I was hoping there would be a list for the prefixes. It seems that people can use what they like maybe? 

I will have to reinstall the module to see what the numbers and letters above represent in Modzzz eyes. That won't be hard to do, so I'll get back to you.



There is no list. But may i ask where you got the 'p' from?

I always believed they were numbers as represented by the ID in the sys_privacy_groups table. But i never dug deep enough into it to know for sure how all of that works for the modules.

I'm trying to manually set the Privacy options in several modules. I'm not even sure of the right word for this, but in various modules there are options to set who sees what:

I have found that Public is represented by 'p', but I'm struggling with the rest. The ones I'm interested in are:


Is there a list somewhere? I've done a search, but I've come up with nothing.

In case you're wondering why I need this stuff, it's simple. I'm trying to remove most options my members can use to stuff up the site. As part of this exercise, I'm removing most privacy settings from all the modules I use. I have the code to do this, but the settings are all set to "public".