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Posting Content to Personal Timelines

I will look into this one as well when i get to the other albums i am going to separate. Such as the profile cover photos.

It will require a bit of code rewriting so it will take me some time to work out a method to do it.

I want to design it in such a way that module developers will also be able to tap into the system i create to do those kinds of albums.


The way content is added when posted to a personal timeline on a member's profile should be discussed.

The current way is that all of the content; outside of text posts, are placed in a timeline album; one for photos, one for videos, one for sounds, and so on.  As I navigate the site leaving posts on profile timelines, it all goes into a public album in my albums; they have to be public for them to show up to those visiting profiles and viewing the timeline.  I feel that they should go into a special separate album on the member's profile that owns the timeline outside of their regular albums.  Another note is if the post on the timeline is removed, it is removing the entry from the wall table; the photo or video, etc is not removed from the album.  Not sure how much code changes would be required there.  One result is that I get a lot of junk built up in my timeline photo album from all the postings made in timelines.