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Please Correct Me If I'm Wrong - Photos Module

Yes, the whole menu structure of albums need to be examined.  This was always an issue brought up over at Boonex.  What some did was to create custom menu blocks; and there was a module in the market for this.  Even as long as I have been using Dolphin I find navigating the album menus confusing and I click around trying to get to the correct place.

This is another thing that goes back to the Dolphin era:

- Say a member has two or more Photo albums.

- You visit the member's profile and click Photos in the sub menu.

- You're presented with a page showing all the member's albums.

- You click on the album and you're taken to the photos in that album.

All is fine until here.

You now wish to look at another album. How do you do that?

It seems you have to click Members in the main menu again, locate the member, click their profile and click Photos from the list. I can't find any other way of doing it.

A link is missing in the Album Breadcrumb:

The link currently reads Album: First Album

The word "Album" is dead. I feel that it needs to be changed to "Albums" and it needs to be a link back to the Albums page:

Albums: First Album

Comments appreciated.