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Photo uploads.

Ah, here is a little snag, the button that says Change Thumbnail just sends one over to their profile album and then one can either slide around the photos to place one at the beginning of the album or they can upload a new one.  So the button is sort of misleading because it doesn't really change the Profile Thumbnail.  I never liked that and so always used the avatar module which stores the images separately.  One can upload photos as an avatar or any image; such as on my profile here.  The button technically should be "Go To Profile Album" because that is what it does; or I assume if you have set the thumb to be the avatar it takes you to the avatar section so "Go To Avatars."  I will be removing that button anyway as well as the change cover button because I don't think they should be in the way when I view my own profile.

The other thing is why have the Profile Thumb twice; unless you remove the profile images block from the page.  The Profile Thumb really does need to be separate; I achieve that by using the avatar module.

Basically most of this is nitpicking but if a user clicks on "Change Thumbnail" then that is what it should do.  And having the images at the end will not change the thumbnail if they upload a new one.  I guess we could put some directions on that page since it is obviously not intuitive.  Then again, if the avatar module is used instead, that wouldn't work as profile images are not profile thumbs; avatars are.  This is one area where Boonex screwed up on.  Although for now I wouldn't waste time on it.


Right. Next time. I have plenty to do. I already put my biggest changes on hold for the next version so i can stick with my release schedule. So unfortunately this version will not have a new Chat yet, and the flash removal will not be complete. However, it will not break cheetah when flash is removed from browsers. Just the areas that use flash will simply no longer work.

I will have many of those disabled in this upcoming version, but not everything. I had to stop on those big projects to get some other stuff done for the next release so it at least looks like i was getting something done and not sitting on my ass.

Oh, and those upload changes are global album changes. It works the same for the Videos, Sounds, and Files modules also.

Crikey Deano, thanks for doing those changes so quickly. Being able to add a title or leave it blank makes so much difference. Also the new upload feature seems to work fine, although I haven't tried friends or private yet. 

I was delighted to see that my new photo didn't replace the existing avatar. Another plus!

I was the one who asked for those changes to the Upload form. It was covered in the paper I included with my Photo Module suggestion. You've pretty much covered that section to make it completely intuitive.

Just one little thing when you're looking for something to do ;-) The form says member's photos (correct) yet the photo pages show  "Profile  Photos" which may be confusing. maybe it should just be "Photos".



LOL. I could not find the forum topic where we were originally discussing this. But anyhow, i have made some additional improvements to the album selection during photo uploads.

There is now a default album for Friends only and Private. And it now defaults to a please select which forces members to select a album to upload to.

These improvements will be in the next version of Cheetah. I have applied those changes to this site if you want to try it out.