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Photo/Video Approval Notice

I've solved this the best way I can and it seems to be working. I've increased the size of the text stating that photos are being approved and I've created a video too boot.


"It can't be the default because not every site requires admin approval after upload. "

I did think that could be the case when I asked the question. Redirectiong isn't as important as making people aware. Some of my members post the same photo three or four times because they don't see it appear.

If you're looking at it anyway, maybe a popup would be the best solution?

So far i have had no luck redirecting. It currently has to go to the page it does when the submit button is clicked to finish the processing. I will have to find another way. That will take quite a bit of time.

I'll have to look into it. It can't be the default because not every site requires admin approval after upload. So it will depend on site settings. In any case, i'll have to go over the code when i get back from work later.

Thanks Deano. 

I took a closer look at the message and realised there's a link embedded in it. That link takes the member to a far better page:


In my opinion it would be far better if the member was directed to that page after posting because it's self-explanatory. Sorry to be a pain, but can that redirect be easily made?



I believe it is the key _ch_photos_count_info

I wish to change this notice because people don't see it when posting stuff:

I don't think a single member on any of my sites have ever seen it, so they repost the same photos thinking they originally made a mistake.

Something like:

You have successfully uploaded 2 Photo(s) and they are awaiting approval (Can take 24 hours)

Is there an easy way of doing this? I'm still searching for the keys. In a future update, this message would be better as a popup and not embedded in the page.