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Once again, Let's Encrypt Issues

I got a free cert from zeroSSL but you do have to manually install them; not that hard at all.  For Nginx you have to have a combined file which you generate by this command at a shell prompt (or you can do it manually in a txt editor as well) cat certificate.crt ca_bundle.crt >> certificate.combined.  I added a cname they provided to the DNS for verification of the site.

However, look at the prices at It might just be better to buy a cert for a year and not worry about this 90 day expiration.

This may be why it is failing:

I am currently trying to see if I can get the certification through DNS verification instead of http.

It is nice to get free ssl certs but once again I am having issues with Let's Encrypt not updating the certs.  No rhyme or reason for why it is failing.  I don't think Let's Encrypt has a way to manually create the certs; if I am wrong, let me know.  There are other providers of free certs but you do have to do it all by hand.  However, at least it works and they do send you an email when the cert is about to expire.