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Oauth connect to Rocket.Chat Avatars not imported

I had the oauth connection to Rocket.Chat working along with it importing the avatars.  This is using the custom oauth section of Rocket.Chat and not the Dolphin section.  I upgraded Rocket.Chat and the avatars stopped importing.  Rocket.Chat said to wait and upgrade to the next release.  I did and the avatars still would not import.  I had other things to do so put the Rocket.Chat on the side burner.  I recently returned to Rocket.Chat on a site and completely wiped everything connected to the Rocket.Chat install.  Everything is working except; yes, you guessed it, avatars are not imported.  Members can upload an avatar once their account in Rocket.Chat is created.  The issue is with Rocket.Chat.  They changed things in the oauth connect on their side but getting any help from Rocket.Chat is impossible.  The ones running the show are rude at times and instead of giving you information, they just rant about you aren't doing it correctly.  I posted an error log and not once did anyone look at the log and give any feedback as to what the log is telling us.  The log reports are full of crap that gives no real answer unless you are one of the programmers.  I am not the only person that has went in asking for help for the custom oauth connection but didn't get any answers.

I am going to see if I have time to track down what Rocket.Chat is expecting to import the avatars.  I am posting this thread to let others know that Rocket.Chat no longer imports the avatar and it isn't any settings that you can change.  I am going to have to see what the payload required by Rocket.Chat so that we can then change the oauth module to accommodate Rocket.Chat.  This will have to be done by editing the module just for Rocket.Chat so it won't be part of the code base.  I have been trying to get Rocket.Chat to fix it on their side but I don't think that is going to happen.

The bottom line is don't waste time thinking you don't have things correctly set because that isn't the case.  I tried to explain that everything was working, upgraded Rocket.Chat, it stopped working.  Logic tells you that it is Rocket.Chat but they kept saying it was my server.  I kept telling them I changed nothing on the server except to change the nodejs version as outlined by them.