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Nov. 16 - First Beta of second stable for the year

Also. Don't hold things. Simple issues that can be done quickly i can quite often squeeze in between issues that take a lot of time. I don't work on just one issue at a time.

If they are bugs your finding then report them in the bug report forums. If you wanting something changed from the way it currently works, then post a suggestion in the suggestions section.

I find some bugs on my own as i use the software. But many bugs i will not know about unless someone reports them. Primary reason is i do not use all of the features of the software myself, so people have to report problems they find.

The 17'th which is tomorrow. The beta is being prepared. It may or may not be ready by tomorrow. But will be very soon.

If you want to see a list of things that have been done so far,

You can also look at the current issues that are pending to see if something your looking for is already on my issue list.

Also be aware, you can't upgrade existing sites with betas. The final will not be released until after the betas. The final is scheduled for the last week of December.

Am I wrong that Nov. 16, today, was set for the release of the "First Beta of second stable for the year"? I've been holding my various issue questions, thinking many of them Deano has already fixed.  Is this update coming soon?