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No Email Error Report

Not getting anything, but I think I may have forgotten to create a mail account when I changed control panels. I won't worry now because I I'm about to move over to another panel. Thanks

Error reports are sent independently.

Are you getting the nightly Periodic Reports?

As for the error reports. I don't know who you get your email through for your site, but if they filter for spam, that would be the first place i would look. Mine is sent to a gmail address and i had to setup a filter to keep them from being dumped into spam.


I have this problem on all my sites - Dolphin and Cheetah. Error reports are going to /tmp/error.log, but not to my email address. They never have in all the years I've been using the script. is okay:

$site['bugReportMail']     = "xxx@";
$site['logError']         = true;
$site['fullError']         = false;
$site['emailError']      = true;

Is the report triggered by a cron job or is it sent independently?  Although my sites work okay I've always wondered if the Cron Jobs are working properly.

Any suggestions?