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Next version of Cheetah

Don't push yourself Deano; we fully understand.  I have been neck deep in a project that is taking way more time than I planned.  Lots of custom coding and it is summer and I have my gardens to attend to as well.  I want to test the new release when it comes out and that might be difficult with the work I am involved in at the moment.

The new version was due out at the end of June. However i was recovering from a injury and took a couple of weeks off. So the release has been delayed. It will not be much longer. Most likely before the end of this month.


You prompted me to look at my Calendar. I discovered we're still in July. Eleven days til August.

Hi guys  , did I miss something ? I thought a new version of Cheetah was due July / August of this year ?  I s it now December ?