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New feature i am playing with.


Nice job!

Yes, i know it does not currently work in mobile. Still a lot of work left to do with that. I just wanted to see if i could pull it off in cheetah without a lot of major rewrites.

This is only intended to be used for multi column pages, when it gets down to one column like on a phone display, it will have to be shut off. I have not got that part coded in yet.


It works fin with Chrome, but have you tested it on a mobile? When I used Chrome's Inspector in Mobile mode, it worked fine until I got to the Shoutbox.

The "Powered" by Cheetah message covered the text form. I tried scrolling further to expose the form, but it bounces back to the top of the second column. You literally have to remove the "Powered by" window to be able to enter text. 

This won't be a problem if another block is under the shout box, but the "Powered By" window may still cover something important.

Oh, it is working, but only if your logged in for some reason. That should not matter one bit. Strange why it does matter.

Ok then. You can log into that site with any one of the dragon ball z character accounts. The password for those accounts is dragonballz


Never mind. Seems it's only working in firefox. Figures. LOL.

Check out and scroll down the main index page and watch the right column as you get to the bottom of that column.

The left column is much longer than the right column on that page leaving a lot of space before you get to the bottom of the page.

This thing i am trying to do is to lock that column when it gets to the bottom and lets the left side continue to scroll. A sticky page column i guess is what you can call it. I have seen something like this in use on other sites and wanted to see if i could replicate it in cheetah.

Works perfectly on that page. Still needs a lot of work, and figuring out how to implement it into the page builders will not be a easy task. But it's a nice feature for a future version.