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New MP3 Player

Working on a new MP3 player. Not sure if i will be able to get the new players i am working on into the upcoming version of cheetah or not, but i am going to try.

If you want to check out the new MP3 player, see this demo here.

The sounds module has been updated to allow the adding of a thumb url when editing the mp3. So the outline, timeline and player can use it. Next comes sound playlists.

Also on this test site, uploads of both sounds and videos that are already in the proper format are not converted and become instantly available for play as soon as they are uploaded. For sounds, that would be MP3 and for videos it would be MPEG H.264.

Anyhoo. I have been pounding out the updates to cheetah, so there will be a lot to bug test when the next beta is released.