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My situation due to COVID-19

Oh ok,  well as for those positions I'm not qualified, GG might i dont know, but later on if u need help with spam I can help with that. Ok, I will let those that were or are still with boonex who might be waiting know about Cheetah, thanks!


Keep in mind, the market here as well as other areas such as purchasing licenses are not production ready yet. I still have a lot of work left to do on this site itself. Some of which cannot be completed until the site is moved to it's permanent domain name which will still be a couple of weeks.

Also there are a number of roles available on this site. Click here to see the roles.

I have not even begun to setup the Translator, Video Tutorial Creator, and Freelancer sections of the site.

The Document Writer role and Contributor roles are ready.

So there is still a boat load of work left to be done here.

Can I invite legit developers here? Most of them will be ones that u know from boonex. I will let GG know asap. 


Repo is now available as well as a beta version to download.

Cool, thank you for all this!

Gaining on it. Should not be much longer now. The sites not really finished yet, but i have started working on the cheetah GitHub repo which will be available maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Link to the GitHub repo is in the developer info section of the site.

Hi Deano, how is everything coming along?

I live in Massachusetts. And like a few other states, the governor has imposed restrictions on businesses such as restaurants. I work in a restaurant. As such, i am pretty much out of work until about April 6.

Progress on the site has progressed a bit faster than normal as i have more time on my hands to work on it. I want to actually try and have the site finished by time i return to work.

The cheetah GitHub repo will also be made public within a few days.

The dolphin module conversion tool is online in the developer tools section. I will be running more tests on it to make sure it is operating properly.

The new market is now online which will need more testing.

The Cheetah Docs section is online and i am now looking to people willing to take the Document Writer role on this site. See info on site Roles here.

There are logos that can be downloaded that you can use to help promote Cheetah.

More to come.