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Members can't edit their profiles - maybe more

I think I've finally resolved this. "pedit.php" was somehow damaged, possibly due to a mod required by some third party vendor, or my own dirty deeds. 

I'm no closer with this one. I deleted modules one after the other until it worked again. I then restored the modules and it continued working. I'm about to install modules on a clean site until it breaks. Note this is a problem on my old Boonex site as well.

@geek_Girl, you are correct. I found it with Agent Ransack. It's a file in Modzzz Slideshow Pro. I downloaded his latest release but the error is still there. The slideshow seems to work okay however.

Slideshow Pro isn't installed on the other problem site, but it does have a few converted third party modules.

I installed a clean Cheetah on the problem domain and it accepts edits okay.

My next cunning plan is to copy the problem site to a domain that doesn't seem to be having issues. If it works there, I'll reinstall the problem domain. Incidentally, the site has been running for a couple of years without issues.

It all started when I had a crash with Piwigo.  It's a great program, but bloated and unstable.


A quick net search:


I would look at any third party plugins you might have installed.  Sounds like maybe some code for a slide out menu.

I cannot find nivoSlider either. It's not a function that exists in any of cheetahs files. So i cannot explain why it is being called.

So i am not going to locate this issue without a look at the sites.

Cache's are set the same for both sites.

Chrome console reports this error:

pedit.php is identical except for BX/CH changes.

I haven't located nivoSlider.

It's a bit confusing to me.

I would look into javascript errors. Look in your browsers console.

Start however by making sure js caching and compression is turned off in Cheetah/Dolphin admin.

I'm sure this isn't a bug in  Cheetah, but comments will be appreciated.

I have two domains running on my Hestial Control Panel. The DNS for both is set up pretty much the same, but I'm looking at that. The cheetah site running on one domain is fine. A member can change their password for example.

The script on the second domain is a Dolphin script and members/admin can't make edits. I've installed a Cheetah script for testing purposes, but it has the same problem. Members can't edit their profile. We can upload photos etc, and they can be edited.

Any suggestions where I should start?