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Market Products and Installation Procedure

I am currently working on a new update system for cheetah itself to make that process as easy as possible. Then i will get to module updates.

My idea with that was to integrate it all into cheetah. Kinda like a phone. Phones have a app store which you can use to browse for new apps to install. My thinking was something similar for cheetah. A market built into cheetah where people can see whats available, purchase and install all from the admin area of cheetah.

That would be a good idea.

Dolphin had the ability for people to upload a zip file of a module and then install it from the admin panel.  Of course most developers did not package their modules properly for this feature to work.  UNA has the feature that you can purchase a module and have it downloaded from the market's server to the user's server/site and then you can click on install to install the module.

What are the plans for improving how modules are installed?  Also, it would probably be nice for developers to package their modules properly to allow easier installation.