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Making Profiles VERY public

Thanks Deano. I've had some success with this although I still haven't implemented all your suggestions yet.  A few of the sites in my community directory are now appearing as first listings with Google. Some still don't appear at all. I created every profile, they're all public, so it could be a key word issue. I'm still working on it, but so far I'm impressed.

Thanks Deano. Google did list one club, but not the rest. I'll work on this over the next week or so and report.

That's a tough one.

1) Make sure you have site maps turned on in the admin backend. The sitemap will help.
2) Make sure no one has their profile set to private. Profiles set to private do not generate a title, page description or og tags.

Then make sure the main page of the site has been submitted to google for indexing. Not really necessary as they will find it eventually, but it does speed up the initial indexing process.

The rest will be code tinkering. It's all in how cheetah sets the title and description for the profile page when it is generated.

Example, you can do a google search for "Profile for admin cheetahwsb" and my profile here shows up first.

Google appears to use whats in the description tag for the profile as well as the title of the main page of the site for indexing. But when displaying the result it shows the title of the profile page and the title of the main page.

Right now both dolphin and cheetah have the title and description of the profile pages hard coded in. Generated from the nickname and the status message if one is set.

At some point i need to make it so the admin can decide whats used to generate profile titles and descriptions.

Hi all. I was about to post this as an ice-breaker, but Geek_Girl beat me.

I have a very public site which is a Community Directory. I would love every profile to appear in a Google search: "Baseball Clubs", but that's not happening.

I'm about to fiddle with the SEO options in Admin, but I'm wondering if there is a piece of .htaccess  code I can add or remove. I'm not sure what level of access BOTS have with a default Cheetah install so all advice will be of value to me.