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Linked Fonts - a pain!

CSS targeting.

Without knowing exactly what your trying to change, i can't provide an exact answer. So a general answer. Target the div and it's classes.

Example to target just the color of the eye icon without affecting anything else, target it with more specifics like so.

i.eye {

color: #ff0000;


The eye icon has a class of eye and because that icon only appears within a <i> tag i narrow it down even further by specifying it in the css file. So i.eye means target the eye class within a <i> tag. Doing it that way, nothing else will be touched.

So you just need to find something about the divs that's unique to target via css. Your not targeting the font itself but rather the foreground color of the html element containing the text.

In future versions of cheetah i will try to find a way to make it easier. But i think the current situation is a lack of knowledge of css and what you can or cannot do with it.

I once saw you mention things were already to complicated. Css for borders, spacing, boxes, ect, ect, ect. So segregating things even further is just going to make things even more complex.

I can be more specific if you can provide links to pages so i can see the css of the page which will allow me to come up with a more specific and targeted answer.

I constantly run into trouble when I try to change the colour of a font, only to find that the colour is shared with other fonts, or the same font is being used under different circumstances.

An example being: I recently changed a font colour, but it was linked to the "eye" icon used to let people know they could see text passwords. As a result, that font colour just happened to be identical to the form background and the eye icon disappeared.. When I changed the eye to a contrasting colour, half my site changed with it.

When I inspect the font,  I find it's listed in the default.css folder under something like .ch-def-font. As that font colour is used everywhere, how can I easily change a font colour so that one specific part of the site has a different coloured font to the rest?

An example is

For Sale

Item 1

Item 2.

All are the same font, but I want the items to be black and For Sale to be white.