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Is Facebook in Decline?

That's why they have recently decided to interrupted personal user videos with those annoying ads. I can make a whiled guess that they r somehow connected with TikTok. They r all linked and invading users privacy, plus more. The young generation don't care cause they get paid big money to upload stupid videos, as appose to going out and get some form of education. Many of them(young generation) are filthy rich & don't have an adult or parents who can spend the time to teach them the danger of these platforms. So, those parents/adults that don't care about their children's future r living off the wealth that their children are making by uploading those ridiculous/dangerous TikTok clips.

It’s Time to Get Real About TikTok’s Risks

If I'm reading into things properly, FB has been hit very hard this year with fines and a falling membership. Figures show that TicToc is rapidly taking business away, but with that company under the watchful eye of Western governments, anything can happen. TicToc is purely video which appeals to the younger generation and people with a desire to kill themselves doing stupid stunts. As such, it doesn't appeal to everyone.

FB is clinging on to the older generations, some of whom think FB is in fact the internet! However, with massive overheads, and massive demands on their server farms, FB may not be able to continue much longer, especially when advertisers go elsewhere. I think this is why Elon Musk purchased Twitter, hoping that he would catch the falling FB advertising dollar, but he too is in a spot of bother.

FB is currently pushing Spam ads daily because that's the one market that suits the FB readership. Where else can you purchase two $1,000 computers for twenty bucks?

I'm not suggesting that your site or mine will be the next FB, but consider the possibility of building on your niche market now by letting people know what you have to offer. Just don't try to grow too quickly, because no market is safe on the Internet today. Even eBay is under huge pressure from Etsy and the like and it seems they're now just another Amazon rather than the fantastic auction house they once were.

In my mind, the thing to avoid is trying to be another Facebook.  Always remember MySpace!