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Instant Approval - Posting Photos etc.

I have plans for a roles system for cheetah. This system i am working on will allow admins to assign specific permissions and such for specific users that would be independent from the memberships thus allowing members to upgrade or otherwise change to a different membership without it affecting the roles the admin assigned. This is something i could add to that roles system.

Sorry for all these whacky questions, but I believe many of them could help to make a better site.

Most modules have a setting for "Auto Approval of. . . " When set, uploaded items are instantly available to members. When not set, Admins must approve each item.

This is pretty consistent with almost every site I'm on, but some sites allow certain trusted members to post items instantly.

Is there some way this could be done with Cheetah? A possible solution may be to have a Membership level called "Trusted" where such members don't have to wait for admin approval.

Just a thought.