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Installing Chat + server

Arrowchat will work.  I also created the Cheetah to Arrowchat connection so that members were automatically logged in.  I didn't care that much for Arrowchat but you can get it working.

I actually looked at using Zulip; which has to be installed on Ubuntu because the developers develop using Ubuntu and are arsine.   Therefore, I created a virtual machine on my CentOS box and installed Ubuntu and Zulip.  Then came the issue of connecting from Cheetah to Zulip.  They don't provide a basic oauth2 connection, you have to write your own.  They do offer LDAP but we don't have that in Cheetah.  I started to set up a LDAP for Cheetah but I am just too busy.  So I looked at creating an oauth2 plugin for Zulip but again, I just don't have the time.  There is Mattermost.  The problem is all of these are too much for just having a simple chat room.  That is why I will just wait for Deano to get his chat module released.


Chat + was a version of RocketChat.  Deano is working on a chat module and that is what I plan to use in the future when it is released.

What I recommend is to download the latest version of RocketChat and use it.  To use RocketChat you will need root level access to  your server.  You will need to install MongoDB; which I don't like but that is what RocketChat uses.  You won't have a GUI to your MongoDB; there are GUIs out there but they are a pain in the arse.  Therefore, you will need to use the MongoDB shell to work with your MongoDB; which isn't often to be honest.  I recommend following the installation guides for your particular OS that are on the RocketChat website.  

I will say this, if things don't work, don't expect a lot of help from RocketChat.

Once you have RocketChat working, then you can set up a custom oauth2 connection from your Cheetah to Rocket.  You will enter in the details and I can provide that information in another post.  

Any recommendations to use, alternate chat services? One you are aware of, that works on Cheetah?

That i am not sure about. I provided it as is from Boonex. I have never run it myself. And has never been tested on Cheetah as stated on the download page.

I believe GeekGirl has run it, or the version direct from the company that makes it, and may be able to help.

I am working on a native Cheetah chat system that will be available in one of the upcoming versions starting as a text based system at first and then advanced to audio and video support. It will take a while to complete mine tho.

So I have downloaded the file for Chat + Server. Where and how do we install it. Where does it need to be installed to? Don't want to install it to wrong place.