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Information Icons or Visible Text (Profile Fields)

It was actually two minor changes in two files. The changes work fine in Cheetah just by adding the code.

Does not sound right to me. I think it should be simpler than that.

Several years ago I developed a sight for a friend. He complained about the Information icons next to profile fields in the Join section and Profile Edit. I did my own survey on my own site and found that most members never noticed the icons and this obviously contributed to the some of the garbage they entered.

I paid Anton a small amount to have the icons replaced with visible text instead and this is what the profile fields on my friend's site looked like.

The number of incorrectly filled fields reduced dramatically and my friend was happy.

Unfortunately the code was for a very old version of Dolphin that was never updated, so I can't convert it on this site.

I'm also a little confused because I would have thought the change was relatively simple. Remove the code that displays the icon and replace it with the code that shows the hint. Anton's pricing of about $10 reflects this, but the email exchange indicates I needed to update the database with a query over 100 words long and modify five files.

Am I correct in thinking it's a relatively simple change, bearing in mind that the hint can be on the same line as the field name. It's certainly better under the field, but it's not important.

Your thoughts.