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Increase file size

Folks, remember that Cheetah is built from Dolphin so for now, most of the settings will be what you were use to doing in Dolphin.  As we move forward with Cheetah and improve the things that Boonex was never interested in doing, then some things may change.

Oh ok, thanks, will check and post here an update.

I am guessing you mean upload a video to the site.

Anyhoo. You have to check the server in the php.ini file for the option upload_max_filesize and increase it.

And then if it's a dolphin or cheetah site then in m/videos/administration/settings increase the max size of one file.


Ok, i'm testing a site out that was recently downloaded and i'm attempting to download a video file that's larger then 64mb, how can i increase file size?